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What’s the difference between 28 Days to Fresh Living and another group coaching program that promises you that it can improve your digestion or help you to lose those last few nagging pounds?

With a ‘diet’ program, it always feels temporary and you spend all of your time thinking about fat, calories and what you’ll NEVER get to eat again. Most of the time you just end up feeling like you’ve somehow failed when you don’t accomplish your initial goals.

This vicious cycle needs to stop.

My 28 Days to Fresh Living group coaching program is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

This 28-day adventure teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious and how to add gentle movement (think in terms of an early morning walk or a gentle 20 min. yoga practice) and an element of mindfulness to each and every one of your future days.

And the best part?

Each day will be different. Each day will call to you to try something new. Each day will nourish your mind, body and spirit.

I promise that any thoughts of counting calories  or running for miles will fade fast.

Jodi has helped me many times with anything I have asked her and she freely shares her knowledge and you can see her passion for her business. She really cares about others and wants to help them however she can!   ~ C.G.

Instead, through weekly intention setting and small (very do-able) action steps, you’re going to transform how you live your life and how you look at food and exercise.

You will effortlessly meet your health goals over this 28 period; you will make long lasting changes.

I promise you that this program will thrill you in ways that you’ve never experienced. Your questions and concerns will be addressed within hours and your victories will be celebrated!

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Fresh living is achievable and it’s so worth the effort.


What’s Included?

•    My full support via private email for the length of the program – May 5th until June 2nd.

  • A weekly Facebook Q&A chat – each Thursday night at 8 pm EST – right in our private group! I will answer any of your questions – in real time – and if you miss it, they will be there for you to read through at your convenience.
  • A live group tele-conference call on Sunday, May 31st at 7 pm EST – we will discuss anything that you’d like about the program and everyone will get a chance to share their favorite parts and experiences. Bring your green juice and your journal – it’s going to be fun!
  • Using a private Facebook group, we will gather and I will share my favorite resources with you to enhance your experience! It will certainly include additional handouts, creative tools, kitchen tips and techniques, videos, links and even more recipes from my own extensive collection.
  • 4 weekly 15+ page e-books for each of the 4 pillars of the 28 Days to Fresh Living program:

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  • Each of these workbooks (1 per week) contain daily creative prompts – so that you get chunks of information daily – making it easy to apply these principles to your real life. There are also many added {optional} activities that can be done again and again such as journaling prompts and vision-boarding.
  • A 27+ page e-cookbook called 28 Days of Recipes  –  loaded with so many recipes that your eyes will pop and they’re gluten-free, full of superfoods and  family-friendly.
  • Herbal wisdom will be sprinkled throughout the session along with the benefits of eating close to the vine and locally.
  • We will also touch on how to live a bit more chemically-free - for the environment and your body.
  • A blank meal planner - allows you to create your weekly meals during and after the program.
  • A food diary – this will encourage mindfulness.
  • Shopping lists for each week – these list will make your shopping a breeze!


Jodi is a great facilitator, motivator and teacher. She influential, educated and very organized. ~ E.L.



 * Click HERE to instantly download 8 sample pages from the program *

I’ve even created 6 BONUS handouts that you can choose from depending on your likes and dislikes. Look at these like your cheat sheets!

  1. 40 Snacks on the Go
  2. Gluten Free Substitutions
  3. How to Go Gluten Free
  4. The 101 on Portions
  5. The 101 on Vegetable Cooking Methods
  6. The 101 on Vegetarian Proteins

We will also explore how to:

∙      prep meals and store food properly

∙       love your kitchen and how to make it feel like home

∙       make healthy snacks, juices, smoothies

∙       prepare nourishing and delicious meals that are family friendly

∙       exercise with the right exercises for your body

∙       portion out your food so that you are always satisfied

∙       pick healthy foods and create a meal for yourself that will satisfy all your taste buds

∙       crowd out the stuff that isn’t serving you and bring back in the healthy goodies

∙       eat at restaurant and order off a menu so that you get the right dish

∙       eat the right protein of you are vegan or vegetarian or if you’d just like to reduce the amount of animal protein in your life.

∙       mix and match recipes galore and we will work together to make sure that you know all of the top food gurus before we’re done!

∙       continue long-term with the tools that you’ve learned – it’s proven that creative prompts help you to connect with the material on a much deeper level:

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Committing to a healthy life is now within your reach AND to make sure that your 2014 is a complete success, upon program registration, you will receive instant access to my private, Fresh Living community of women - where you’ll find more goodies and a tribe of fresh livin’ ladies waiting to meet you – valued at $19!




 Let’s get you registered!



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* Please note that due to the electronic nature of my Fresh Living bundle, there are no refunds given. You will receive a welcome email with your FB invite and all of the links will be waiting for you there. You will have access to them for all of 2014, to work through at your own pace, from the moment you are added to the Fresh Living Community *





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