Honor your body. Everyday.

28 Days to Fresh Living ~ Private Coaching with me.

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You're so worth it.

I can show you how easy it really is.

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Bring along some support.

It's always more fun with a friend!

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Juices. Smoothies. Kale. Oh my!

Tips, techniques and recipes galore.

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Have you been wondering how to connect with other women who are living green and making their health and wellness dreams come true? Join my 'Fresh Living' community and get started today!

My 28 Days to Fresh Living group coaching program is unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. This 28-day adventure teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious and how to add gentle movement (think in terms of an early morning walk or a gentle 20 min. yoga practice) and an element of mindfulness to each and every one of your future days. And the best part? Registrations are open for the May session. Register today!

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Fresh Living Cooking Classes

As a Living Food Chef and Raw Nutritionist, I offer hands-on (and very tasty) cooking classes in my kitchen in London, ON. Come hungry and ready to (un)cook!

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Wellness and Holistic Coaching

Are you ready to commit to living a fresh and inspired life? My 1:1, 28 Days to Fresh Living wellness program may be for you! We'll start whenever you're ready. Join my community today by signing up in my sidebar - I'm forever sharing new recipes and nutritional goodies!

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Contact Me

As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Fresh Living Educator, I specialize in inspiring women to live fresh, green and delicious lives! I offer online group and 1:1 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching ~ my signature program is '28 Days to Fresh Living'. I also teach hands-on 'Fresh Living Cooking Classes' for families in the London, ON area. Ask me anything ~ I love answering your questions! I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

'What a great way to reignite your body. Jodi offers a myriad of information which is all beneficial for anyone who wants to empower the body, release the toxins and awaken the soul. A beautiful beginning to the new year!' ~ D. Campbell
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